Interfaith Leaders Attended a Press Conference at Islamic House of Wisdom, Expressed their Solidarity With Muslim Community Against Recent Rise of Islamophobia!

Local Muslims Hope to Shatter Stereotypes- Defeat Islamophobia!

Nov. 25, 2015- Carmen Harlan of Channel 4, called it open, honest and to the point! It was a conversation following recent bloody terrorist tragedies in Beirut and Paris. Carmen of Channel 4 and her team came to the IHW and spoke with hajja Nawal, Dr. Rima, hajj Hussein and Imam Elahi. The conversation was over an hour, but the station had only 3 minutes but they were generous enough to extend it to 5 minuets and 30 seconds! This was aired last night on Channel 4 News. If you like to see a longer version of the conversation (yet not the entire hour) on the station page, you may click HERE

Islamic House of Wisdom Condemns San Bernardino Attack

San Bernardino Bloodbath shocked the Nation!
The word shocking is not enough to describe the horrific nature of yesterday’s tragedy.
No one could believe that an American citizen who was born and raised in this country and had a stable job in California would commit such a horrible crime. Absolute insanity, stupidity and sickness!
Let’s pray for those heart broken families, for peace and unity, for better gun control polices.
Time for both political and religious leaders of this country to unite the nation and provide healing for the wounds of these tragedies and work harder for a better vision for tomorrow and after!
— Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi

Michigan Council of Imams Press Conference

11/18/15: Following the tragic terrorist attacks in Beirut, Paris and news related to the existence of ISIS cells in the US- in addition to the crisis related to the refugees, the Council of Imams in Michigan held a press conference to express the thoughts, concerns and position of the Muslim community regarding these critical issues.

Media Coverage of the Press Conference-

20th Anniversary Dinner of Islamic House of Wisdom - A Great Success!

November 8, 2015- With the presence of Congresswoman- Debbie Dingle, Mayor of Dearborn, interfaith community and hundreds of other dignitaries, community leaders and members, it turned to a great celebration of IHW's accomplishments in the last two decades.  Read More About this Occasion, HERE

Because the media continues to discuss Islam, because non-Muslims around the world are asking, because it is our responsibility to say not in our name to the terrorists committing crimes that contradict the Islamic faith- we urge all in question to ask us directly what we think! The media has talked with Imam Elahi, covered the messages of Friday prayer and spoke with congregants of the mosque. Let us not stand silent and let others misrepresent or talk on our behalf. If you would like to speak with Imam Elahi directly- You may email him at ImamElahi@IslamicHouseofWisdom.com

August 25, 2014: Muslim Leaders & Community Members Speak Out Against ISIS!

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