Beautiful report by Karbala TV channel from the recent interfaith dialogue at Islamic House of Wisdom!

Imam Elahi, Imam Mustafa Al-Turk, Osama Seblini and Rashida Taleb, talking on the Election and the Muslim Perspective. Listen to the Broadcast HERE

Many Thanks to the Honorable Archbishop Allen Vigneron. his delegation of the Catholic Church in Michigan and a group of hundred interfaith activists, clergy, mayor of Dearborn Heights, Chief police of Dearborn, and US Attorney of Eastern MI- Barbara L. McQuade for visiting and attending our peacemaking outreach at Islamic House of Wisdom.

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Archbishop Vigneron Visited the IHW - See Highlights of the Occasion:  HERE

An Interfaith Visitation Turned to An Important Peace Conference! The religious leader of Southeastern Michigan of 1.3 million Catholics visited the Islamic House of Wisdom. The church delegation and almost 100 interfaith and community leaders and activists were welcomed by Imam Elahi and the chairman of IHW board of Directors, Dr. Hassan Saab.
Exposing the Saudi Sources of Hate and Violence Preaching! Fox News aired only half of the interview. Imam Elahi explained how Muslims are targeted both by isis and other Takfiri terrorists on one side and the KKK mentality and psychological war on the other side!
If Saudis were punished for beheading of sheikh Nimr, They couldn’t arrest Sheikh Hussein Razi. Time to end hypocrisy and speak up!

Imam Elahi's to Pastor Jeffress: Islam is not evil, ignorance, injustice, racism & prejudice are!

Muslim Leaders & Community Members Speak Out Against ISIS!

Interfaith Leaders Attended a Press Conference at Islamic House of Wisdom, Expressed their Solidarity With Muslim Community Against Recent Rise of Islamophobia!

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